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Happy Birthday Interview Questions Book (Age 1-18)

Happy Birthday Interview Questions Book (Age 1-18)

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Inside these pages, you'll discover a bunch of carefully picked birthday interview questions that work for kids of all ages. Whether your little one is just learning to crawl or navigating the tween years, this book is here to help you snag their thoughts, dreams, and goofy answers on each birthday. 

For little kids who can't write yet, you can jot down their answers together. Over time, you'll see their personalities, handwriting, thoughts, and ideas change and evolve. "Write It & Remember It Birthdays" isn't just a book; it's like a time machine that lets you and your child revisit, have fun, and laugh at their younger selves while also appreciating their growth and changes. 

We hope this book brings joy, laughter, and loads of fun into your child's life. Let it be a special keepsake that shows the strong bond you have and the exciting adventure of being parents to your kids. Here's to years of filling its pages with your kid's hilarious answers, favorite things, exciting dreams, and best moments.

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