Our Story

different kinds of family traditions


 Hey there, I'm Annie!

Married for nearly 20 wonderful years, my husband and I often tease about my tendency to declare, “Let’s make this a tradition!” Though, truth be told, many of these ideas don’t quite become traditions. Why? Well, let's just say, I have a habit of forgetting these well-intended plans.

However, this very quirk led to the creation of our family-oriented product. You see, with our traditions book, I can finally document and revisit these proposed traditions. It's a lifesaver! Now, I jot down our family customs year after year, ensuring they stick around for the long haul. A stroke of brilliance, indeed!

Our book operates like a customizable calendar, allowing you to note down your family's celebrated holidays and create new traditions. It preserves these moments, ensuring that as time drifts by, you can look back and cherish those extraordinary times together.

But there's more to me than just this product. As an adoptive mom, I've embarked on a heartfelt journey to create something special for my children's birthmothers. Every year, my children fill out a delightful card brimming with inquisitive questions, and we send it to their birthmoms. It's our way of fostering connection.   I loved these heartwarming cards so much that I turned them into a book, preserving these precious moments for me. 

At our core, we strive to aid families in crafting and upholding their distinct traditions. Our family traditions calendar and birthday cards/book isn’t just about penciling in holidays; it's about fostering connections and preserving memories.

Families are diverse, and we aim for everyone to find representation and belonging in our product.

We can't wait for you to strengthen your family bonds and create everlasting memories.